Delta Style Case Packer with AUTOMATIC CHANGEOVER

BluePrint Automation has engineered a case packer with auto-changeover using our BPA three and four-axis Delta robot.

snack_packer_auto-changeove.gif Ideal for packing fragile products such as bags of chips, snacks and other flexible packages this system is capable of packing complex pack patterns and/or high speed picking! Our new design simplifies the system mechanically, providing plants with a much smaller footprint; only 4′ wide x 8′ high, and includes a virtually hands-free changeover between different product and case sizes!

Product is collated into a group using our servo driven automatic variable pitch conveyor, eliminating the need for multiple sets of collation belts. The product is then picked by our specially designed end-effector using our three and four axis robot. The robot ensures smooth placement of the product into an intermediary auto-adjustable cassette. Cases are tipped towards the cassette and the entire stack is side-loaded into the secondary container for a vertical (stand up) presentation.

Ready to run a different product or case size? Simply select your product code from the operator’s panel and the collation flights, end-effector and cassette automatically change over to your next bag and/or case size. It’s that simple!

Benefits of this highly innovative system include:
• Eliminates “fine-tuning” that typically takes place after a changeover providing customers with a solution that bounces back to maximum efficiency after the change-over process is complete.
• Eliminates costly change parts (i.e. multiple collation belts, end-effectors and cassettes)
• Small footprint to accommodate tight bagger center-lines
• Maximizes case utilization
• Display case packing of chips, pretzels, tortillas, other snacks and flexible packages
• Packs small bags at 130+ BPM
• Standard bag seal checking with optional integrated reusable case erector

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